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RF Remote Control Kit

The RF Remote Control Kit includes: Euroscreen® Control Box + RF Remote Control
Part no.: 210730 + 210727 =210760

This kit combines the Euroscreen® Control Box with the RF Remote Control and provides you with an easy solution for projection screen operations. With the RF (radio frequency) remote the Euroscreen® Control Box does not have to be visible to the bare eye since it is possible to hide the receiver above inner ceiling or any other suited space. The RF remote has a 30m distance range and disregards most obstacles without any loss in communication. The RF remote control has three pre-programmed functions; up – stop- down.

  • Kit includes: Euroscreen® Control Box + RF Remote Control
  • Radio frequency (RF) operated
  • 3-button function remote
  • 30m distance range
  • Part no.: 210760 or 210760-UK

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