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Smart Motor - AV


The Draper motor assortment is constantly updating and we are adding new functionality both in control options and with options for easier integration against external control systems.
The SMART range flows through all our AV and shades assortment with strong and reliable motors in combination with our own unique radio transmission protocol.
Our aim is to have products with great features, low noise levels and at the same time be able to give you that extra SMART experience operating our products.


The communication in SMART has since the beginning had a modular concept behind it. Why pay for more functionality than you are in need of? The options of full integration against other control systems, and at the same time have individual control with wall switch or a hand remote guarantees a SMART solution for all involved.


The new assortment is faster than before, but also with a lot less noise. We have been able to reduce the levels in comparison to the old standard motor with over 40%. The unique Ultra Quiet motor option goes all the way creating an almost noiseless installation. We dare to say it’s like a whisper… Try it for yourselves and you will see!

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