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Scissor Lift SL & SLX

Newly redesigned SL & SLX Series Scissor Lifts are better than ever - now up to 870 cm travel distance!

  • Conceal your projector above the ceiling; set it exactly where you need it at presentation time; bring it down to within easy reach for service.
  • Offers three positions: store, show and service
  • SL Models: Seven models offering "service" positions ranging 1.2 m - 3 m.
  • SLX Models (NEW!): Six newly redesigned models offering "service" positions ranging from 3.2 m to a massive 8.7 m.
  • Three position settings for "store", "show" and "service" are easy to adjust during installation.
  • Scissors on the left, right and back sides of the unit stabilize the projector from any sway both laterally and front-to-back.
  • Each lift is equipped with a fail-safe inertial safety belt system, and a cable management system that includes a pre-wired power cable on the back scissor.
  • Projectors can be bolted directly to the lift's bottom pan, or mounted with the optional Low Profile Mount.
  • Switch included, other optional controls and accessories available.

    See the SLX live on YouTube

SL model
SLX model
SLX extended

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