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The ReAct Effect

A few years ago, Euroscreen ­introduced the­ ­revolutionary­ screen surface ReAct. ReAct soon got very popular thanks to the high ­contrast ­features in ­combination with a competitive ­price. Through the years the surface has been ­upgraded­­ and improved thanks to new ­technology­, and now it’s time to present ReAct 3.0.


ReAct 3.0 is an unsupported, silver grey front projection surface with enhanced light control. The ­surface is slightly darker in colour than its predecessor, which ­eliminates ­ambient light even better, but at the same time the new ­surface will be better at filtering daylight and will project a brighter ­image. The coated structure and the new ­finish of the material boost colour contrast (­colour temp 6508 K) and black levels, and ­provide a full depth in the projected ­image. With an improved viewing ­angle you get an even better viewing ­experience, even in a ­brightly­ lit ­audience area. And with a gain of 1.0 and a viewing angle of 76°, ReAct 3.0 offers universal ­benefits, and is an excellent choice for many AV ­installations. The material is ­equally suitable for conference rooms as for home theatres.

ReAct 3.0 is Full HD and 4K ­compatible, and the flexible ­fabric ensures an excellent, flat viewing surface for fixed frame and Tab Tension screens. With a ­darker ­silver coloured material, the ­surface is even more suitable for use in bright areas than the ­previous versions of ReAct. Used in Tab ­Tension, the silver grey ­finish provides a ­natural framing of the projected image, even if you ­choose a screen without black borders. Without the permanent borders you get a projection screen that delivers a more flexible ­choice when it comes to choosing your projection format.

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