Linea Tab Tension: 1.8 -3.0m

The Linea Tab Tension cassette has a uniquely designed shape which consists of gently rounded aluminium, with no exposed mounting fixtures or fasteners, and all attachment points are completely invisible.

The case is finished in white and the white heavy weight bottom dowel retracts completely inside the case when the screen is not in use. Thanks to the tensioning wires, which are integrated along the screen surfaces vertical edges, a fully flat screen surface can be obtained for many years in use. A perfectly flat screen surface is a requirement when using Short Throw projectors where the wide angled projector lens put higher demands on the quality of the projection screen.

  • Perfectly flat screen surface
  • Easy to adjust surface flatness when required
  • Heavy weight bottom dowel
  • Case size (W x H): 121 x 153 mm
  • Case length: screen width + 409 mm

Please note: The Tab Tension surfaces are sensitive to heat and are not suitable as black-out, or sun protection. Do not install close to heat sources like radiators, amplifiers or turned on TV-sets.

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