Odin Tab Tension 6.0 - 7.5m

If you are interested in a perfect solution for high-end installations in large, professional environments Odin is your best choice. Odin with aluminium housing is designed to perform what you want in high-end quality picture and easy to install. Odin can be customized in size and colour to perfectly fit your specific need. You can also choose if you want it to be with or without TabTension.

The TabTension system used in Odin is developed to assure you to have a perfectly flat screen. Odin is the largest series in our range of products. Maximum width is 7,5m with TabTension and 7,5m without. It is available with three different screen surfaces with the casing in white only. It is equipped with strong eyelets and chain-loops to allow for chain- or wire-attachments to lift it up.
Picture-format with or without a framework in black is available in all sizes. Installation motor” (-IN) making it easy to integrate it into your control system.

  • Bottom of case is removable without tools for screen installation or maintenance
  • Delivered with 3 m cable
  • Case size (W x H): 266 x 246 mm
  • Total case length: screen width + 514 mm
  • Delivered with chain loops for lifting (and installation)
  • Ø13,5mm holes in end caps for customized installation (rods, screws, chains etc)

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