Freya 2 Tab Tension: 2.5-4.25m

Freya2 has taken further steps towards easy installation. It is the natural choice for hidden installations in large venues. The Freya2 projection screen is a recessed ceiling case and is available in a large range of standard sizes and screen surfaces, even as TabTension versions. Freya2 is made of aluminum and is developed and produced in Sweden.

Key features is still the entirely hidden screen when not in use, with both screen and bottom dowel retracted in the recessed housing and the ability to have the casing installed way before the screen, vastly reducing the risk of damaging the screen surface during the building phase. New features include the possibility to complete installation from underneath into a prepared socket along easily removed and securely attached covers for the mounting points at each end.”

The tab tension model features all of the ­benefits mentioned above, and an ­additional selection of tensioned screen ­surfaces. The tensioning function makes it ­possible to adjust the flatness of the surface and therefore provide a ­perfectly flat viewing surface for years to come.

  • Heavy weight bottom dowel
  • Total case length (incl. flanges): screen width + 540/640 mm
  • Cut-out case size (W x H): 190 x 180 mm
  • Cut-out length: Screen width + 600/ +500 mm
  • Screen width =300 cm: screen width + 510 mm
  • Screen width >300 cm: screen width + 610 mm
  • 16:10, 16:9 with black borders – all have
  • 25-30 cm black drop as standard 

Please note! The screen is sensitive to heat. Do not install close to heat sources like ­radiators, amplifiers or turned on TV-sets. The projection screen is not suitable as ­black-out, or sun protection, contact sales office for more information about window shades.


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