Thor Tab Tension: 2.5 - 4.25m

Thor motorised projection screen ranges from 250 cm and up in ­width and comes equipped with ­several ­popular features­: an adjust­able inner bracket for easy levelling of the screen*, a sleek, stylish aluminium case, and can include an integrated ­multifunctional Euroscreen® ­Control Box

A convenient inner bracket makes it easy to level the screen, keeping the surface flat and the bottom dowel even. By default, wall ­brackets and flexible mounting brackets for ­ceiling ­installation are included. ­Optional ­recessed ceiling brackets are also ­available. The Thor case, finished in a contemporary white colour with ­matching aluminium bottom dowel, has a convenient wall channel-­fixed fitting that reduces expensive ­installation time. When black ­borders are required, a true black border with a matt finish is welded onto the screen surface. This creates a powerful ­framework for the projected image.

The tab tension model features all of the ­benefits mentioned above, and an ­additional selection of tensioned screen ­surfaces. The tensioning function makes it ­possible to adjust the flatness of the surface and therefore provide a ­perfectly flat viewing surface for years to come.

  • Case size (W x H): 160 x 160 mm
  • Case length: screen width +290 mm
  • Bottom dowel from wall: 5-10 mm

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