AutoLink + Control Box


The Control Box is a new multifunctional unit for easy operation of electrical projection screens with Installation motor. The Control Box features the most usual versions of operations such as RF, IR, Dry Contact/Contact Closure, and RS232. Euroscreen® offers optional transmitters for communication with the box; RF AutoLink trigger, RF Dry Contact Transmitter, RF remote control and RF wall switch transmitter. The Control Box is equipped with a 300 cm cord to power outlet.


Triggers the screen to go down when the projector is powered on.
And brings the screen back up when projector is turned off.

Not recommended to use with laser projectors.

  • Some laser projectors has a very low difference in effect between Standby and during Power On as the current varies during active use.
  • This might result in a problem for the Autolink to dectect the exceeded calibrated effect in comparison to the variation of power during active use.

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